Verona Rose

Verona Rose | TMM Talent

Meet Verona

  • 43"
  • 5
  • 11
  • Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Verona

Verona is a big personality, she has endless energy, high athleticism and a natural leader. She is curious, loves trying new activities and is a quick learner. Naturally athletic, she can pick up any sport and instantly adapt to the skill set needed with ease. Very social and adventurous. Her confidence takes her to new levels of being the star of the show.

Verona is a natural at engaging whatever audience she has and being in front of the camera. Once engaged she instantly knows how to work with her poses, her body movement and form. She is truly skilled at acting, delivering depth to any role she gets to play pretend with.

Currently she is taking Irish dance classes and previously Creative Ballet classes and soccer. This past winter, Verona took a beginner’s acting class and was the most active participant in the class! Along with being highly skilled at painting and drawing, she loves to push her imagination beyond the limits.

Last updated: 6.3.2024