“What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, “What if you fly?”

— Erin Hanson

Who is TMM?

At TMM, our mission is to bring an inclusive and personalized approach to the modeling and talent industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Our full service agency specializes in babies, kids, couples, families, siblings and even pets. We are committed to providing personalized development and support to the diverse portfolio of talent we represent.

The team at TMM consists of agents, creatives and assistants who understand what it takes to develop and manage the total career of their models and talent. They work to align the individual to clients and agencies, allowing the model or actor to work in the niche that is best suited for them.

We, at TMM, believe that there is a place for every individual in this world. We work hand in hand with our talent to ensure they master their craft and align themselves in the best possible light.

In the director’s seat is the driven Tara Manning, a professional model/actor who has been featured in brands such as Amazon, Tiffany & Co, Disney, Nike, Carnival Cruise Lines and Ralph Lauren. Tara has been on the runway, featured in print ads and television. She has a deep understanding of both sides of the industry, as a model/actor and agency owner. This gives Talent Model Management an advantage in serving models, talent and end-user clients.

"I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the modeling and acting world professionally for over three decades. This has allowed me to share my experiences and successes with up and coming models and actors. I love this industry and feel honored to guide our talent through the process of achieving their personal and professional goals. I believe that what we do in this life echoes in eternity. If we do things in the best of heart, there is value in all things we do. "

— Tara Manning