Noelle Miller

Noelle Miller | TMM Talent

Meet Noelle

  • 5'7"
  • S
  • 4 US
  • 9
  • Blonde
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Noelle

Noelle Miller is an optimistic 8th grade girl. She is the youngest in a family of seven (five siblings). She earns straight A’s and focuses on her studies; she especially loves science. People see Noelle as a very social person and fun to be around. She is extroverted and altruistic. Noelle is very positive, and loves being around people!

Noelle did track this spring and enjoys being outside. She has played volleyball for years, but she also does choir and enjoys other hobbies such as cooking! Noelle and her family all love hiking and going to the beach. They are all very active, and they are never bored when they are together. They also have two dogs that they love to take on walks and play with! The dogs are labradoodles, and they are both about 7-8 years of age! Noelle absolutely loves skateboarding, rollerblading, and roller skating. She has lots of different interests and loves taking up new hobbies, too!

Last Updated: 1.30.2024