Monty Lloyd

Monty Lloyd | TMM Talent

Meet Monty

  • 5'0"
  • 12
  • 7
  • Blonde
  • Hazel

Fun Facts about Monty

Monty loves being active and his favorite sports are baseball, basketball, running, tennis and golf. He is currently playing on a club baseball team and is excited to play in tournaments with his team. Monty is also a music lover. He has been playing the piano for 5 years and started playing viola in his school orchestra. His other loves are reading, building Legos, and all things Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel. Monty takes pride in his school and serves on the leadership team and enjoys doing the morning announcements weekly. He is an excellent student, responsible, sweet and has a gift of getting along and working well with everyone!

Last Updated: 2.1.2024