Lauren Lorenzo

Lauren Lorenzo | TMM Talent

Meet Lauren

  • 5'7"
  • 6-8 US
  • 8.5
  • Light Brown
  • Green

Fun Facts about Lauren

Lauren has been working in the theater industry consistently from age 5. Her background is in musical theater, but she is versatile and can do a wide range from drama, comedy, to shakesphere. If it’s in the acting and musical vein she can do it. A born actress she has shown her range working in productions ranging from “Les Miserables”, to “Our Town” to a historical adaptation of “Macbeth”. Give her a character and she will bring it to life.

Lauren has worked as an on-air TV talent and host. Most recently as a private voice teacher. She is a classically trained singer, having an extensive background and education in Musical theater, Folk, Choral, Jazz Opera, Cirqueish (the style and language in which Cirque Du Soleil writes and performs their music), and Pop.

She has a perfect pitch, and is rarely found silent. Each day is a new opportunity to rehearse. Lauren has been scouted by theater companies and Cirque Du Soleil, but chose the path of being a flight attendant, and now a Mother. She is quick to learn, easy to work with, reliable and takes direction. She lives to perform and share her gifts.