Lance Nuttman

Lance Nuttman | TMM Talent

Meet Lance

  • 6'0"
  • L
  • 10
  • Light Brown
  • Green

Fun Facts about Lance

Lance Nuttman is an actor, vocalist and performer based in Oregon's Willamette Valley. He is an active member of several Oregon theaters, appearing not only on-stage, but also serving as Director and Sound Designer.

Lance enjoys performing musical theater and classic stage shows, as well as singing all styles of music - from rock to classical / opera. He also performs the Star Spangled Banner at local sporting events, and has done so for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Hillsboro Hops. He is honoured to have been awarded BroadwayWorld Portland's "Best Performer In A Play" for the 2021 stage production of Alessandro Baricco's monologue "Novecento" at Gallery Theater.

Lance is known for his wide range of characters and looks both on-stage and on-camera. He has provided voice-overs for several projects and is a skilled casino dealer.