Junie Spear

Junie Spear | TMM Talent

Meet Junie

  • 5'8"
  • L
  • 10.5
  • Brown
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Junie

Junie has always loved performing and began training in dance at the age of three. She soon wanted to utilize her voice for performance as well as begin working with the Rose Children’s Theater, where she fell in love with acting and singing.

Junie has been training in weekly acting classes for the past three years and also trains weekly in voice and dance classes.

Junie has been a French immersion student since Kindergarten and recently received the Oregon Seal of Biliteracy in French. She maintains a 4.20 GPA and finds Math an exhilarating adventure. She also loves volleyball (excellent skill set), basketball (good skill set) as well as hula hoop, baking/cooking and is an excellent dog patter. She can also ride a bike, wink and shimmy. Junie is the “go to” gal on the volleyball bus when hair braiding is required and loves hanging out with family and friends.