Ever Kemper

Ever Kemper | TMM Talent

Meet Ever

  • 42"
  • 4/5
  • 11
  • Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Ever

Ever is a very talented young girl, whether it be athletically or emotionally. She is great at reading others and naturally offers empathetic skills well beyond her age. She is very good at reading a room. When it comes to sports, Ever is extremely coordinated, quick and witty - she has hops and is a natural leader. In her lates endeavor (gymnastics) she was chosen to be the team leader/muse for the rest of her team to mimic. Ever is always ready to go, willing to try something new and always with a smile on her face. She is a very strong kid for her age and is able to do a lot of strength activities like yoga, gymnastics, running and etc. Her coordination is above her age group and loves to do anything that is physically challenging for her.

Last updated: 4.4.2024