Ethan Trevino

Ethan Trevino | TMM Talent

Meet Ethan

  • 5'10"
  • XS
  • 8
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Ethan

Ethan is a multi-talented performer making wavers in both acting and modeling. His love for the stage began in community theater, where he discovered his pasion for bringing characters to life. Notably, Ethan thrived as Sebastian in ‘The Little Mermaid’, showcasing his ability to infuse roles with authenticity and charm. He excels in roles that resonate with his personality, allowing him to deliver genuine and compelling performances. In modeling, Ethan’s versatility and confidence sets him apart. His adaptability and presence in front of the camera makes him stand out. Ethan’s diverse skills extend beyond acting and modeling; he’s proficient in basketball, baseball, swimming, tab and jazz dance, and enjoys singing. Musically gifted he plays the cello and tenor saxophone and is an active member of the Salem Youth Symphony. Outside of his professional pursuits, Ethan’s passion for his hobbies is palpable. He enjoys spending time with friends who share his love for music and the arts. He also has a passion for cooking and public speaking. Ethan brings an unwavering dedication to every project ensuring he gives 110% in everything he undertakes. With his broad skill set and boundless energy, Ethan is poised to make a significant impact in acting and modeling.

Last updated: 6.26.2024