Erica Hatfield

Erica Hatfield | TMM Talent

Meet Erica

  • 5'10"
  • 12 US
  • 10
  • Brown
  • Green

Fun Facts about Erica

Erica grew up in a very sporty household, experimenting from a young age in softball, football, basketball and street hockey with her older brother. She spent elementary school splitting her time between dance classes (tap, jazz and ballet), soccer (ten total years) and western saddle horseback riding. These days, Erica practices yoga proficiently, and has also adopted skiing and snowboarding as some new favorite hobbies. She is a beginner to both but learning fast! She will try any sport at least once and always manages to gain some traction. A few times a year Erica plays 18 holes of golf only moderately poorly with her father. Every time she plays her skills increase and her sense of frustration with the game softens ever so slightly.

Most of Erica’s favorite hobbies are solo activities. She sings nearly every moment of the day, mostly to herself, although she loves to karaoke with her friends. Various voice coaches over the years have identified her as first an Alto, then a Mezzo Soprano until finally naming her a Coloratura Soprano. Whatever you want to call it, she can belt and she’s got range. She is a voracious reader and tries to spend some time every day writing. An ideal day off is spent hiking in Forest Park before cooking something fun and watching (or rewatching) a movie. Cooking began as a necessity and has eventually evolved into a passion. Her skills and sense of taste has improved dramatically over the last few years. It is a rare occasion that she creates something she is not proud of.

Erica has worked in restaurants since 2011 and one of her greatest skills is her ability to connect with strangers seated in her section. Her tenacious spirit and friendly demeanor make guests feel welcome and excited about their dining experience. She takes great pride in facilitating their special night out. That being said, it should be mentioned that Erica has benefited greatly from all of the obvious advantages that come from working in a restaurant. She is quick on her feet, she can multitask calmly and read people’s moods very effectively. Erica has been a bartender for the last seven years and has a fun time experimenting with flavors to create delicious cocktails and mocktails.