Elliott Dryer

Elliott Dryer | TMM Talent

Meet Elliott

  • 4'5"
  • 8/10
  • 5
  • Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Elliott

Elliott is a smart, warm and enthusiastic kid with an infectious smile. Born without his left hand, Elliott has learned to adapt. He has figured out how to do everything a kid does, only with one hand. He has mastered riding a bike, tying his shoes, building Legos and playing basketball. In fact, he’s the highest scorer on his basketball team! He can do pretty much anything any kid can do… he just does it slightly differently. Elliott’s positive attitude has turned his limb difference into an awesome superpower that makes him unique.

Elliott loves sports. He plays club soccer and basketball. He also loves swimming, skiing, lacrosse and golf. There really isn’t a sport he doesn’t like! Elliott enjoys school, doing science and engineering projects at home and really likes math. Although a bit reserved at first, his warm and fun-loving personality draw people to him. He’s one of the most social and well-adjusted kids in school, and he enjoys spending time with his friends. Elliott is also an exceptional listener and always follows directions. His parents receive unsolicited praise from his teachers, friends’ parents, and strangers (like flight attendants) about how polite and kind he is. In his first casting role, the crew repeatedly complimented him on his behavior and said “He’s a natural.” Elliott is a true joy to be around!

Last Updated: 4.25.2024