Christopher Coderre

Christopher Coderre | TMM Talent

Meet Christopher

  • 5'11"
  • M
  • 11
  • Grey
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Christopher

Christopher is an artist from birth with 2 sets of grandparents passing down the creative gene. He practiced the classic arts growing up painting, drawing and sculpting. He also started his passion for the theater arts early, since his first movie in the theater, Star Wars when he was 1 years old. His first exposure to becoming an actor was when he started taking classes during the summer at age 10, but had silver screen aspirations long before that, and went on to continue to take summer workshops with talented acting coaches, such as Barry Primus, and performed in plays and musicals throughout High School. After High School, he worked as an off hand glassblower, an apartment market research database manager, marketing manager at a colored glass manufacturer and a virtual tour photographer.

Since then, he has been working on the other side of the camera in different parts of production and as a DP or Director of commercials and independent films. He’s been working with national corporate brands on campaign videos, photo shoots, and commercials, which has been very gratifying work for him. He really enjoys the team atmosphere on any set or location! It reminds him of his days as a glassblower in the hot shop and the dance of moving skilled intuitive bodies and minds working together to create a work of art based on the director’s vision.

He is also a father of 4 beautiful girls, who are all equally very creative as well and following dad’s footsteps in the creative arts.