Charles Gescher

Charles Gescher | TMM Talent

Meet Charles

  • 6'4"
  • L
  • 12
  • Brown
  • Blue-Green

Fun Facts about Charles

Charles Gescher is a dynamic and adventurous individual, whose life has been defined by an unquenchable thirst for new experiences. With a background as a three-sport athlete in his formative years and a passion for physical pursuits such as boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, freediving, rock climbing, surfing, hiking and swimming, Charles embodies a dedication to pushing his physical limits. His diverse interests extend beyond the outdoors, as he possesses a keen intellect and creative spirit. Charles engages in pursuits such as filmmaking and photography, reading non-fictional and historical literature, writing, and playing music, demonstrating his multifaceted approach to life. Having traversed the globe, Charles is a seasoned traveler, ready to embrace new challenges, and his broad range of skills and interests make him an asset to any team or project.

Charles Gescher's versatile work experience and well-rounded educational background exemplify his inquisitive nature. His professional journey led him through diverse roles, including product and wedding photographer/filmmaker, where he refined his creative eye and storytelling skills. He also delved into the construction industry, demonstrating his commitment to craftsmanship by constructing custom homes. His experiences as a farmhand and barista showcased his diverse approach to his skills and interests. Academically, Charles's education at the University of Montana spanned history, anthropology, and fine art, reflecting his intellectual curiosity. Beyond these formal studies, his passion for science, technology, philosophy, geography, politics, language, and more underscores his ever-expanding pursuit of knowledge. Charles Gescher's background and mindset make him a valuable asset to any endeavor, poised to excel in diverse professional and educational settings.