Bria Michelle

Bria Michelle | TMM Talent

Meet Bria

  • 5'5½"
  • 2-4 US
  • 8.5
  • Dark Blonde
  • Green

Fun Facts about Bria

Meet Bria Michelle, the 14-year-old American actress hailing from the picturesque state of Oregon. With a dazzling array of talents, Bria is not just an actress; she's a force to be reckoned with. From mastering the art of snowboarding and skating to showcasing her prowess in hip hop and stage combat, Bria effortlessly navigates a diverse range of skills.

Her exceptional abilities extend beyond physical pursuits—Bria possesses an incredible gift for creative writing and script-writing, a talent that sets her apart in the entertainment industry. Fluent in multiple languages, Bria seamlessly weaves her linguistic expertise into her performances, showcasing her versatility on the global stage.

But Bria is more than just a skill set—she is a reverie, a young artist deeply connected to her emotions and surroundings. Her profound empathy is reflected not only in her acting but also in her love for spending time by the ocean. Away from the spotlight, you'll find Bria daydreaming, listening to music, or embarking on adventures to explore the world around her.

A true polymath, Bria approaches each endeavor with creativity and a collaborative spirit. Whether engaging in martial arts, improvisation, or fostering effective communication, Bria thrives in teamwork, making her an invaluable asset to any project. Her passion for acting is nothing short of Orphic, an enchanting dedication that fuels her commitment to the craft.

In the world of talent management, Bria Michelle is not just a rising star—she's a constellation of skills, creativity, and charisma that promises to illuminate the entertainment landscape.