Alia Fobi

Alia Fobi | TMM Talent

Meet Alia

  • 4'1"
  • 6/7
  • 1
  • Black
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Alia

Alia is is a fashionista in the making. She loves nothing more than putting on her favorite outfits and showing off her latest accessories. Her wardrobe is filled with colorful dresses, sparkly tutus and frilly skirts that she loves to twirl around in. She has a keen eye for style and is always on the lookout for how clothing items go together. She is confident and bold in her fashion choices, never afraid to experiment with new looks.

In addition to her love of dressing up, Alia is also an active and sporty child. She loves swimming and spends most of her summer days in the pool, splashing around with her friends and family. She is also passionate about gymnastics and enjoys practicing her flips and cartwheels in the backyard. Her coordination and flexibility are impressive for her age, and she loves showing off her moves to anyone who will watch! When she's not swimming or practicing gymnastics, she can often be found playing soccer with her siblings or friends. She has a competitive spirit and loves the thrill of scoring a goal or making a great pass. This little girl's love of sports and physical activity complements her passion for fashion, showing that she's a well-rounded and active child with a variety of interests.

Last updated: 4.4.2024