Abigail Grace Korenthal

Abigail Grace Korenthal | TMM Talent

Meet Abigail

  • 5'2"
  • 14-16 US
  • 6
  • Light Brown
  • Hazel

Fun Facts about Abigail

Abigail Grace has nurtured a passion for acting since she was little. She was always in character, in costume, and running scenes from memory. She could master accents and impersonations in ways Robin Williams would probably have been proud. In elementary school, she had the leading role in a suicide prevention film, which earned first place at the S2N Film Festival and brought the audience to tears. Abigail loved taking the stage as a standout performer at various theater camps as well as in several theater productions, including as an elf in a Christmas production organized by BDC. As she matured, Abigail turned her focus to competitive dance. Despite her affinity for tap, she has demonstrated proficiency in multiple dance styles, including jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, and ballet. Her commitment to the arts is further evidenced by her dedication to learning piano and taking acting classes alongside maintaining an exceptional academic record, as evidenced by her 4.0 GPA. When her acting coach told her that she was one of the top students he's had in his nearly 30 years of teaching, it prompted her to prioritize acting over dance. With that, she sought out an amazing acting coach to work one-on-one with. He helped her with her very first video audition which resulted in her being cast in a supporting role in an upcoming Christmas movie. In addition to that, her acting journey includes working as a background actor, further demonstrating her enthusiasm for being on set. Abigail's ambition is to utilize her talents and dedication to honor her faith and glorify God. With her relentless hard work and drive, she continues to navigate her artistic journey with the utmost dedication and grace and is eagerly anticipating discovering where this journey will lead.