Windsor Williams

Windsor Williams | TMM Talent

Meet Windsor

  • 4'9"
  • 10/12
  • 5
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Windsor

Windsor plays basketball, volleyball soccer and futsal. He can swim and plays the piano as well.

Windsor has been in a French immersion school since Kindergarten and is near fluent in French.

In his free time, Windsor enjoys playing board games such as Chess and Monopoly. He also loves playing video games (Minecraft, Mario Kart, Zelda…). He also loves to bake.

Windsor takes his acting work very seriously, he is a good listener and directors have told him that he takes direction very well. He is older than his age when it comes to work ethic.

He is a well-traveled, well-mannered and polite boy. He is compassionate, kind and easy to work with.

Last Updated: 4.4.2024