Sawyer Ellis

Sawyer Ellis | TMM Talent

Meet Sawyer

  • 6'1"
  • M
  • 11
  • Light Brown
  • Hazel

Fun Facts about Sawyer

Sawyer is an outgoing, thoughtful, and highly personable freshman who gets along with everyone, adults and children alike. Sawyer is a dedicated and hard worker in all aspects of his life. This is demonstrated in his straight As in school and perseverance in sports. Sawyer has played basketball and baseball as long as he can remember and tried football for the first time this year. In addition to playing sports Sawyer enjoys reading, drawing, and building (he researched, purchased, and built his own computer!). Sawyer prefers mystery and philosophical books such as The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown and A Brief History of Time by Steven Hawking. In addition to Sawyers athletic and academic pursuits he loves traveling with his family of five and playing with his two black labs, Joe and Vivi.

Last Updated: 4.18.2024