Piper Evenhus

Piper Evenhus | TMM Talent

Meet Piper

  • 5'1"
  • 10/12
  • 9
  • Brown
  • Green

Fun Facts about Piper

The Love of acting was born over night for Piper. Piper started acting at 3 1/2 when her Christmas card picture was seen on a friends refrigerator by a visiting director that was shooting a Short film in Portland. Piper walked on to the set like she had been acting all her life. Her confidence at a young age would propel her in to an industry that she absolutely loves. Piper is a hard worker, can memorize lines extremely fast and understands set etiquette. Meeting new friends and growing in her craft are some of Piper’s favorite parts about acting. When not in front of a camera, you can find Piper on a volleyball or basketball court, hoverboarding with her brother, crafting some masterpiece or simply enjoying a family bike ride. Each year, Piper sets high goals for herself within the acting/modeling industry. Big goals and dreams keep this happy and fun loving little girl moving in the right direction.

Last updated: 5.3.2024