Milo Horak

Milo Horak | TMM Talent

Meet Milo

  • 5'0"
  • 16
  • 9.5
  • Light Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Milo

Milo is a mature, wise, focused old soul who has been interested in the world of film-making since his early days writing, acting and self-directing his own movies at home. His other creative pursuits include 3-D printing, stop motion animation, making balloon animals, crafting inventions from recycled materials, and making flip-books.

He loves to play lacrosse year round. He likes the physical nature of the sport - and the chance to be quick on his feet with a strong will to win. Milo is also an avid golfer- often trying to hit farther than his grandfather.

Never one to pass up a great conversation, Milo adores connection and good times with friends and family. An entrepreneur at heart, Milo loves to create business concepts and see them through. From a Pokemon card shop to a snow removal business, he’s got business plans for a wide array of ideas.

Milo loves to read fantasy and sci-fi books, as well as take great hikes through muddy forests or along the beach with his dog, Lucy. Milo is always up for a good vacation - especially if he can play a video game or two on the flight to a favorite destination. As a budding musician, Milo is beginning guitar lessons and sings in the choir.

Last Updated: 4.9.2024