Lucia Johansson

Lucia Johansson | TMM Talent

Meet Lucia

  • 4'1"
  • 8
  • 2.5
  • Dark Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Lucia

Lucía has a lot of fun skills and a big personality! She absolutely loves playing on the aerial swing and being in the water. She is also really flexible, which helps her do awesome cartwheels and somersaults, in the water and on land! She’s in Jazz/acro, hip hop and taekwondo.

When she’s not swinging or swimming, you can find her dribbling a basketball with her friends or exploring her creativity in the kitchen and with arts and crafts. Lucia enjoys making delicious treats and crafting beautiful things. She can also make some super dramatic and emotive faces!

Lucia a proud big sister to Maple Mae, her adorable Bernedoodle. They have so much fun together! They go on walks & play fetch.

Lucia is currently learning to roller skate and ride a two-wheeler bike. One of her favorite things to do is to go out with family and try different foods at restaurants. She enjoys exploring new flavors and cuisines. She has a great vocabulary and loves using big words to express herself. People often say she’s insightful for her age.

Traveling is another thing Lucia adores. Going on family trips and exploring new places bring her so much joy.

Lucia is always ready for new adventures and discovering more about the world around her.

Last Updated: 4.22.2024