Lillian Gunderson

Lillian Gunderson | TMM Talent

Meet Lillian

  • 56"
  • 8/10
  • 3
  • Blonde
  • Green

Fun Facts about Lillian

Lillian has a passion to perform in all forms. She loves to perform both on and off-stage. Performing has always been a part of her life even before she understood what it was. She began dancing at her current studio when she was three years old and is now in her sixth year on the competitive dance company team. She trains and competes with her team and in solos. She trains and competes with her company team in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary and ballet. Her favorite style is lyrical and loves that the pieces tell a story and are more emotional. She competes a lyrical solo each year and typically places in the top solo overalls. Lillian also has training in hip-hop and musical theater dance styles. She loves musical theater because you get a chance to use your face to convey crazy stories while dancing and enjoy the full length of the stage. She has always had a passion for dancing, but the day she realized she could become an actress, she realized her desire to perform in this way was even stronger. She says it is her true dream, her true passion and the thrill of performing is the best thrill she has ever felt. When Lillian is not performing, she loves to draw, read, teach herself piano, write books, sew, and spend time with her friends.

Last updated: 4.6.2024