Kepler Tasman

Kepler Tasman | TMM Talent

Meet Kepler

  • 4'9"
  • 12
  • 6.5
  • Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Kepler

Kepler is a confident, curious, outgoing young man eager to explore the world. He loves reading, math and playing with friends at recess. He is an articulate communicator and is fluent in two languages, English & French. Kepler is an energetic kid that thrives on interesting challenges. He loves the sport of fencing and recently placed second at competition. He is an avid snowboarder who shreds off-piste and diamond trails. He’s a skilled mountain biker that takes on big climbs, technical terrain and flow trails. Kepler also enjoys parkour, bouldering, obstacle courses/zip-lining, archery, backpacking, ice skating, camping, spelunking, soccer, swimming and occasionally snorkeling with mantra rays. He’s having fun learning to ride a unicycle too. In his down time, Kepler loves to adventure with his family and friends. He really likes music and is learning to play the electric guitar and drums. Kepler likes to create costumes and role play various characters. He has a passion for LEGOS, loves a good game of chess, reads graphic novels/chapter books, plays video games, walks the family dog and relishes epic NERF battles with his parents.

Last Updated: 4.18.2024