Kennady Peine

Kennady Peine  | TMM Talent

Meet Kennady

  • 4'10"
  • 10/12
  • 4
  • Light Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Kennady

Kennady, is an 11-year old who is currently thriving in the 5th grade. She is all about pursuing her passions and making every moment count! One of Kennady’s greatest loves is competitive dance. You'll often find her at dance class, where she pours her heart and soul into every routine. Dance isn't just a hobby for Kennady, it's a way of expressing herself and pushing her limits in pursuit of excellence. But that's not all! She is also a fierce competitor on the lacrosse field. Whether she is sprinting down the field or strategizing with her team, she thrives on the adrenaline rush of the game. When she is not busy busting moves on the dance floor or scoring goals in lacrosse, you can bet she is soaking up quality time with my family and friends. Family days by the pool or out boating on the river are some of her favorite moments--they're filled with laughter, sunshine, and unforgettable memories. Life is an adventure, and she is ready to embrace every twist and turn it throws her way. Whether she is chasing her dreams in dance and sports or cherishing moments with loved ones, she is all in, giving it her absolute best with a smile on her face.

Last Updated: 4.15.2024