Kendall Rafish

Kendall Rafish | TMM Talent

Meet Kendall

  • 4'8½"
  • 8/10
  • 4.5
  • Dark Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Kendall

Kendall is a child who will try anything! She loves to explore her skills and has a great attitude about new challenges. She’s a competitive dancer who specializes in acrobatics. She can do aerials, front walk overs, back walk overs, head stands, turns, and so much more. She competes on stage alone, in a duo, and with teams. She has to learn full choreography in just a few hours. She is great in front of a camera. Her personality lights up in front of a screen and she has fun with what she does! She can play soccer and basketball. She is an all around athlete, but her main sport is dance. She is a great swimmer and has zero fear of water too. She loves working with other people and easily makes friends. A great thing about Kendall is how coach-able she is. She listens to directions and can easily follow directions as well. She is comfortable wearing anything and has no issues with clothing. Kendall’s goal is to be a model and create a path in this industry and have fun with it!

Last updated: 4.18.2024