Kate Lee

Kate Lee | TMM Talent

Meet Kate

  • 4'7"
  • 8/10
  • 3
  • Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Kate

Kate is an outgoing mixed Korean- Caucasian Talent who leaves an impression. Kate is an elite competitive dancer beginning her dance training at 3 years old. She competes in all dance styles as part of Elevate Dance Academy under the direction of Brittany Boole, including Jazz (Classic and Commercial), Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and Dance Acrobatics. Kate was named the dancer Icon of the Year for Hollywood Connection Dance for 8-10 year olds in 2021-2022, assisting choreographers in teaching dances for other kids. Kate currently plays piano under the direction of Joy Bruns. She performs in regular piano recitals and interludes for school performances. She also sings her elementary school choir. Kate has experience in vocal “efforts”- lending her gasps, sighs, and sounds to entertainment backgrounds Recreational skills: dance contortion, hula hooping, jump rope, Roblox gaming Academic skills: 4.0 student with strengths in quick memorization and math Personality Highlights- Kate is born leader with unmatched professionalism. She takes direction and correction on the first try. Kate brings the fun.

Last Updated: 4.5.2024