Kastle Lucia Murray

Kastle Lucia Murray | TMM Talent

Meet Kastle

  • 4'3"
  • 7/8
  • 2
  • Brown
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Kastle

Kastle radiates fun & happy energy everywhere she goes. Her passion lights up every room and/or stage. Since infancy she’s had a natural grace and assumes poses with very little direction. She has confidence and makes friends easily. She loves acting, singing, dance, reading, soccer, baseball, tennis, skiing, roller-skating, ninja classes, gymnastics, art, writing & acting stories out. Her teachers say she is a rockstar in the classroom. She’s a great listener and is excellent at following directions. She goes out of her way to help teachers and other students daily. She is learning to play the piano and ukulele.

Since age 3 Kastle has attended several acting oriented classes, camps & showcases with various schools, including The Oregon Children’s Theatre, Spotlight & The Studio NW Acting for Kids & Teens. She would love to be a full-time actress and a medical doctor as a hobby.

She’s well on her way with her determination, adventurous spirit and a million and one facial expressions. Kastle has a twin brother named Ascher who is quite the match for their daily improvs.

Last updated: 4.7.2024