James Lovely

James Lovely | TMM Talent

Meet James

  • 57"
  • 8/10
  • 1
  • Black
  • Brown

Fun Facts about James

James has been in two productions with the Portland Playhouse, and has been working with professional actors since age 6. Last summer he took a summer acting camp through the Portland Playhouse as well. He has an amazing ability to pick up choreography and recently had the opportunity to train under professional dancer Kemba Shannon (who has performed with Madonna, Fantasia, Rihanna, and Celine Dion amongst other musicians). James is very active and agile, a great runner, he can ride a scooter and a bicycle without training wheels. James can skip and whistle, is a beginner at soccer and baseball, and picks up martial arts movements easily because of his ability to soak up choreography. James has a beautiful singing voice and is a social being, getting along with folks of all ages as well as having a great love for cats and dogs. James reads fluently (youth chapter books) allowing him to quickly learn lines.

Last updated: 4.5.2024