Gabi Juarez

Gabi Juarez | TMM Talent

Meet Gabi

  • 5'1"
  • XS
  • 00 US
  • 7
  • Black
  • Black

Fun Facts about Gabi

Gabi is passionate about many things. If she wants to achieve it, she will. Creativity is something that comes easy to her. She is currently learning how to play piano, guitar and ukulele. She also likes to create new songs. Gabi loves to sing and sometimes you’ll catch her recording herself with an artist she appreciates. She has experience being on stage, from winning 1st place in Salem’s Got Talent to singing on stage for a Boy and Girls Club fundraiser. She is confident and very independent. She loves the outdoors, hiking, biking or even just walking outside. Gabi is very dramatic, she loves all things musical and sometimes even writes silly scripts in her free time. She also loves to read books and write short stories. Lastly, she enjoys baking and cooking for her family and trying new recipes. She is most known for her fun energy and her trusting and kind heart.

Last Updated: 4.22.2024