Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee | TMM Talent

Meet Danielle

  • 5'3"
  • XS
  • 7
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Danielle

Danielle is a runner. She enjoys running on the beach and running with her track team. Danielle is an artist. She likes to express herself through drawing, painting and writing. She appreciates music because it is relaxing and every song has a story to tell. Danielle was the youngest performer to play in her first piano and violin recital at age 3.5. Danielle is an animal lover and a proud owner of two pet bunnies. She is a scholar and takes her studies seriously. She is a loyal friend! Danielle loves Art, Design, Volleyball, Track and Field and Lacrosse.

Last Updated: 4.18.2024