Beckham Stephenson

Beckham Stephenson | TMM Talent

Meet Beckham

  • 5'10"
  • S
  • 9
  • Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Beckham

While Beckham was born in Portland, Oregon, he spent 10 years in Boston where he developed a passion for figure skating. Today, if you will find him at a local ice rink six days a week perfecting his jumps and spins while preparing for competitions in both pairs and individual competitions around the country. Currently, he is preparing for his first U.S. Figure Skating Pairs Finals national competition. Additionally, Beckham is the president of the Portland Ice Skating Club’s Jr Board whose mission is to build the community of ice sports in the local area.

Beckham is a gifted student who has maintained a 4.0 GPA since third grade. This school year, he will be starting his junior year of high school in Washington State’s Running Start program (Washington State’s dual credit enrollment program enabling students to attend college classes while finishing high school).

When not on the ice or finishing school work, Beckham spends his time constructing moc Lego designs and hanging with his sister and friends at the local river.

Last Updated: 4.7.2024