Alana Fong

Alana Fong | TMM Talent

Meet Alana

  • 4'11"
  • 10/12
  • 5
  • Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Alana

Alana is a quiet kid who is observant and friendly. She has been actively modeling for a couple years and enjoys it. She has fun with shoots and takes direction very well.

Alana adores animals and loves to dance. Both subjects make her light up in an instant. Her passion for dance led her to become an advanced competitive dancer. She has always been very comfortable in front of an audience which easily translates to the camera. In step with her athletic nature, she picks up most sports instantly and with grace.

Alana is a girl with a growth mind-set and is currently learning French and knows some Spanish because she loves to travel. Her time abroad has also been an inspiration to languages and cultures. In her free time, she enjoys doing art projects, playing with her friends, riding her bike, and playing around on her skateboard.

Last updated: 4.18.2024