Santana Costic

Santana Costic | TMM Talent

Meet Santana

  • 53"
  • 7/8
  • 5
  • Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Santana

Santana loves to run around outside, play at the playground and make lots of friends. He’s finishing up his third year of preschool and will be attending a dual language kindergarten in the fall for English and Spanish. He understands most of both languages, but wants to speak better Spanish with his Dad and family.

He LOVES YouTube, playing video games with friends, dancing, creating music, especially electronic music and beat boxing. Santana dreams of becoming a famous YouTuber one day.

Santana has been told that he is a very kind friend and is very popular with his classmates. They always seem to want him on their team and he likes to make sure everyone is okay and there are no bullies.

He hopes that if he’s given the chance to be a part of this new career, he can be a great example to all kids and be an ambassador of love and kindness for everyone to display their uniqueness and learn from one another. If he could wish for three things in this world, he would wish for God to love everyone in the world, the world to all be safe and for every family to be safe.

Last updated: 2.2.2024