Aarav Basetty

Aarav Basetty | TMM Talent

Meet Aarav

  • 47"
  • 6/7
  • 1
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Aarav

Aarav is a very active and curious boy who loves to learn new things. He enjoys playing soccer, tennis and basketball and he is always looking for new challenges. When he is not out on the field, he enjoys taking art and swim lessons, dancing to the groove, learning Chess and going for a bike ride. Aarav is also interested in art and creative expression. He uses drawing and painting and building using LEGOs to express his creativity. In addition to his physical and creative interests, he practices Aikido, a Japanese martial art that emphasizes self-defense and discipline. He loves to spend time with family playing board games, watching movies and playing at arcade. Aarav is well behaved and he is a delight!

Last updated: 4.4.2024