Shay Ann Haase

Shay Ann Haase | TMM Talent

Meet Shay

  • 5'3"
  • XS
  • 0-2 US
  • 8
  • Blonde
  • Blue-Green

Fun Facts about Shay

Shay Ann Haase was born and raised in Dallas, TX, where everything—from the hair to the personality—is bigger. Taking that to heart, Shay has been an entertainer since she was a child, putting her larger-than-life attitude to good use as a performer of all mediums: acting, singing, dancing and modeling. Of over 35 productions on-stage, spanning outlandish farces to Shakespearian drama, her favorite roles often include stage combat. In her transition to on-camera work, she won first place in nationwide production company DBS Films’ 2023 acting contest and continues training in film technique with Scott Rogers Studios. Outside of traditional musical theatre, Shay enjoys singing swing and jazz era classics from Sinatra and Fitzgerald in cabarets both in NY and locally. She has an extensive dance background spanning ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and heels—both as a performer and a choreographer.

Other skills & activities include: hiking, weight lifting, running, swimming, indoor cycling, yoga, gaming (table top, computer, console), baking, crafting, writing, painting, and curling up with a good book.