Sam Banton

Sam Banton | TMM Talent

Meet Sam

  • 5'8½"
  • M
  • 9
  • Light Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Sam

Samuel Banton was born & raised in Keizer, Oregon. He started his musical journey with piano in 2nd grade and in 5th grade joined band playing the French Horn. He was determined to convince his band teacher that he should really be playing the saxophone so he spent 3 months practicing, taking lessons and even showed up at band camp with his sax after 1 lesson. He picked up Bari, Tenor and Soprano sax during Middle School. Playing in his Dad’s band Rhythm & Business, a ten piece funk band has been one of the best experiences to peek into what the life of a musician is. Sam is a Jazz Studies Major at University of Oregon playing in the University’s Big band as first chair alto and in small ensembles as Tenor. Sam is a Gym Rat and self proclaimed foodie!