Liam McConville

Liam McConville | TMM Talent

Meet Liam

  • 6'0"
  • L
  • 11
  • Brown
  • Blue-Green

Fun Facts about Liam

Liam is a hard-working independent young man. He has lived in both Oregon and Montana. His time in Montana was spent attending Montana State University for three semesters before moving back home to Portland. In Montana he was able to explore, fish, meet new people, and create exciting new experiences and memories.

Liam loves his friends and family. He loves to interact with people, whether it is someone who he has just met, someone who he has known his whole life or even in a work setting. Throughout his years in school, Liam participated in sports like football (11 years) and wrestling (3 years). Liam now spends lots of time in the gym.

As he has gotten older, Liam hopes to pursue a career of being a Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer. He has now enrolled in Clackamas Community College to start classes in the spring to start the journey.