Tabitha Card

Tabitha Card | TMM Talent

Meet Tabitha

  • 5'0"
  • S
  • 3 US
  • 6
  • Dark Brown
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Tabitha

Tabitha is a world traveler, she's been to 9 different countries, her favorite being Thailand so far. When she travels, she loves experiencing new cultures, foods, architecture and nature. When she's not traveling, she loves being a homebody, and some of her hobbies include cooking, reading, playing board games with family members or watching a good TV show with her husband.

Tabitha has been very passionate about the arts since she was a young child when she debuted in her very first role as the orphan Molly from Annie. Since then, she has continued to pursue a life in the arts by receiving a Bachelors in Fine Arts, graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle Washington.