Mo Khidir

Mo Khidir | TMM Talent

Meet Mo

  • 6'0"
  • M
  • 11.5
  • Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Mo

Mo has an ethnically ambiguous look and his Southern California professional accent fits a variety of production styles.

Mo is a lifelong athlete. A three-sport Varsity Team Captain (Basketball, Football, Baseball), Mo has competed at the highest levels of sport and has led his teams through his ability, strong communication, and dedication. A knack for learning and teaching movement, Mo is a certified personal trainer with a diverse skill set in: strength and conditioning (SFGII kettlebell instructor), Golf (TPI Golf Fitness Coach), functional fitness (FMS II), nutrition (Precision Nutrition I), and techniques spanning many disciplines (meditation, mindfulness, running, olympic lifting, crossfit, calisthenics, plyometrics/agility).

With a B.A. in Communications, Mo’s education prepared him for life in broadcasting, with extensive background in live programming and sports media. He is accustomed to fast-paced environments and adjusts his style to fit various production/directorial goals. A broad smile and talent for improv bode well in comedy environments, but his range and look place him comfortably in both warm and serious roles.

Skill sets include:

-Elite-level throwing, catching, jumping, plyometrics/agility;

-Competitive-level running (sprint, distance, trail), pullups, crossfit, olympic lifting.

-Sports-specific abilities: basketball, baseball, football, golf, soccer, tennis, track and field, billiards, table tennis, cycling, weight-lifting, bodybuilding, etc.