Latoya Lovely

Latoya Lovely | TMM Talent

Meet Latoya

  • 5'6"
  • XS
  • 00 US
  • 7.5
  • Black
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Latoya

Latoya Lovely is a professional muralist and artist, her work is currently featured in the Portland Art Museum as a part of the Black Artists of Oregon Exhibit. She also has artwork in the City of Portland’s portable artworks collection, as well as murals and commissions throughout the city and beyond. She is a former professional dancer who has toured both nationally and internationally with a modern dance company for 13 years. She loves modern and hip hop. Lovely is an educator and on top of being a mother, she works beautifully with children and adults alike. She has done commercial and print work and was recently featured in a horror film. Latoya can play kickball, is a beginner at soccer, baseball, basketball, and can quickly pick up martial arts moves because of her background in dance. She is also comfortable riding a bike and has a driver’s license. Lovely has had the opportunity to apprentice on a movie set which gave her a unique perspective on the industry. As an educator with a focus on Special Education, Lovely works well with children who are neurodivergent individuals. She is comfortable around animals.