Isabel Jones

Isabel Jones | TMM Talent

Meet Isabel

  • 5'7½"
  • S
  • 2 US
  • 6.5
  • Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Isabel

Isabel has experience living in many world cultures, as she began traveling in her early teens. She is quick to pick up languages and speaks French conversationally, still dreaming of her years spent studying and growing up in Paris. Isabel received a writing scholarship which opened the door to more creative success as a performer in ballet and interactive social activist theater groups. Isabel has served time in the Israeli military at a young 18 years old, urged by her cousins to explore the Middle East as a friend of the IDF. She comes from a musical family and plays the piano and guitar; she loves listening to country music and jazz and sings most musicals by heart. She is currently taking up the art of figure drawing and spends several hours a week capturing her share of human movement through dance, film, photography and portrait painting. Isabel is quite a good hostess and welcomes colleagues from her acting community over weekly to shoot self-tapes for auditions around the globe.