Greg Prosser

Greg Prosser | TMM Talent

Meet Greg

  • 6'0"
  • L
  • 11
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown

Fun Facts about Greg

Words used to describe Greg are inquisitive, adventurous, collaborative, reliable, professional, quick-witted, a storyteller, engaging and perceptive. He uses these traits to bring life to the characters he plays and to tell stories which affect the audience. He has a wide range of acting experience from Amadeus to The Addams family to Agatha Christie. Dialect work is especially enjoyable to him, and he has employed British RP, Italian and US Southern in past performances.

Greg loves to stay active, engaging in a wide variety of athletics and outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, water skiing (skiing competitively for over 30 years), snow skiing, wake boarding, horseback riding, ice skating, roller skating, softball and baseball or other adventures such as zip lines, tree-to-tree adventure courses, and snorkeling. He loves to sample as many aspects of life as possible – ask “Do you wanna…?” and the answer is most likely “Yes!”. Among the adventures, he has climbed or hiked on three active volcanoes and climbed two other mountains in the NW. Enjoying travel, he has visited 14 countries on five continents so far and half of the states in the US. He loves to sing. Greg has an interest in learning languages and is currently conversational in Spanish and is learning French (with a smattering of Italian thrown in the mix). He is a dog lover, but is readily accepted by the cat community. In the past, he trained to be a helicopter pilot. He likes to go target shooting and is comfortable handling and shooting firearms. He enjoys dining and finding special food moments (along with a good glass of wine).