Evan Halbert

Evan Halbert | TMM Talent

Meet Evan

  • 6'3"
  • M
  • 12
  • Dark Brown
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Evan

Evan is a joyous font of useless knowledge, medical jargon and dad jokes. He loves singing, playing guitar and has opened for several national acts. He stays active with trapeze, soccer, cycling and Argentinian tango, which he's been dancing for over 20 years. He keeps his mind sharp designing board games, running a coffee shop and helping folks get past chronic pain. At one time or another, he's done just about everything, from fencing, skiing, bartending, carpentry, trampoline and martial arts like jiu jitsu and tae kwon do, to owning a game store and running a sausage company. His greatest passion is connecting with people and trying to be a positive force for self-actualization and finding joy.