Alex Price

Alex Price | TMM Talent

Meet Alex

  • 5'9"
  • L
  • 12 US
  • 9
  • Brown
  • Green

Fun Facts about Alex

Alex is an actor, singer and dancer who started her film and music careers in the Canadian markets of Vancouver and Toronto. She now lives in the US as a triple citizen of the USA, Canada and Australia.

As a professional singer, she won the primetime reality tv series, Popstars, and made a gold record with Universal Music. She was offered a full-time hosting job at MTV due to her easygoing ability to communicate and improvise. She has extensive professional studio recording experience.

Since childhood, Alex has trained and performed dance routines in hip hop, musical theater and swing. She was hired alongside professional dancers as part of the core dance cast for Showtime’s musical feature, Reefer Madness, starring Kristen Bell.

Alex grew up watching SNL and loves to bring comedy and fun to her work. She has helped write an original sketch comedy/musical roast for the past 15 years. She loves doing accents and voices.

Alex is an Oregon State high school volleyball champion, competed in horseback riding, and can ski well, snowboard, play tennis, basketball, loves rowing, hiking and strength training.