Sarah Goodin

Sarah Goodin | TMM Talent

Meet Sarah

  • 5'4½"
  • XS
  • 8.5
  • Brown
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Sarah

Sarah is an active, friendly and outgoing person. She loves to sing, act, model and participate in Irish Dance. Sarah lives on a farm in rural Washington State. She helps with all the farm chores when she’s at home. Sarah has goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and ducks. Sarah loves animals and loves being around them. When Sarah is not helping with the farm, she can often be found reading, watching her favorite shows or spending time with friends. Outside of farm life, Sarah enjoys kayaking on the Puget Sound and hiking.

Sarah loves Irish Dance. She is part of the show team for her dance school and has earned a place on the team to compete at the regional Oireachtas for a chance to compete in Nationals and Worlds. Sarah has recently begun learning how to speak Irish as well. She enjoys learning different accents but also learning different languages, but Irish is her favorite.

Sarah began singing lessons when she was six years old. She has had the opportunity to sing in musical theater and at local events. Sarah continues studying voice and recently began learning how to play the guitar. She loves music. In addition to singing and participating in Irish Dance, Sarah also loves to model and act. Sarah regularly takes courses in modeling and acting. She believes in working hard and trying her best and to Sarah, that includes taking time to learn about it. She has had opportunities to model in the Seattle area and even got to travel to Portland to be a part of the film Outdoor School. Sarah loves traveling, whether it’s close to home or further away, especially when she gets to travel with her family and do something she loves.