Ascher Lucien Murray

Ascher Lucien Murray | TMM Talent

Meet Ascher

  • 4'1"
  • 7/8
  • 1
  • Light Blonde
  • Blue

Fun Facts about Ascher

Ascher is great at playing roles. Since his early childhood, he has been fascinated with hats, costumes and a range of props. He will spend days acting out his imagination as a warrior, cowboy, superhero, ninja turtle, leprechaun, fireman, policeman… in full character and costume. He loves to do forward flips into the pool. He loves soccer, baseball, skiing, swimming, tennis, 4 square, chess, reading, building things, art and acting. He is learning to play the piano and ukulele.

He is an all-American boy with bright blue eyes and a heart of gold. He is a loyal friend who always speaks the truth. The librarian and teacher at his school are often amazed at his book choices and the detail of his art. He studies history and all the wars. Ascher has the ability to comprehend complex ideas. He speaks to the class about different historical facts. At age 2 he was concerned about world hunger.

Since age 3 Ascher has attended several acting oriented classes, camps & showcases with various schools, including The Oregon Children’s Theatre, Spotlight & The Studio NW Acting for Kids & Teens. He would love to be a professional soccer player, Actor and Fireman Chief.

With his intelligence, sense of adventure and organizational skills, he’ll be an asset to any project. Ascher has a twin sister named Kastle who is quite the match for their daily improvs.

Last updated: 4.7.2024